Meeting the Needs of a New Age

Our Core Values

We respect people, technologies and products.

  • We contribute to the world’s city functions by offering reliable products and services to Users

  • We engage in global business through close co-operation with Fujitec Group of Companies dedicated to each region

  • We establish a rigorous quality assurance system for reliable quality products and services

  • We promote preservation of the global environment in our business and products activities

Training & Development in Singapore

Our employees’ are provided with the necessary training and development opportunities to understand their potential and value their experience. At Fujitec we believe that an individual’s competent skills plays a vital role in the overall enhancement of the organization. All employees are encouraged to acquire the necessary skills in order to improve their performance.

Our Headquarters Fujitec Singapore is committed to provide training and development to each employee for skills, capability and knowledge to function individual roles effectively. This is to support each employee to acquire the desired level of skills competence in performance and productivity.

Fujitec Singapore also an Approved Training Centre (ATC) and Certified-On-The-Job training Centre (COJTC) for National Institute of Technical Certificate (NITEC) in Lift and Escalator Technology.

Being ATC and COJTC certified, our technicians training programme are aligned with the NITEC which include theory, practical training at our training laboratory, training lift shaft and training lift.

Training is conducted by our in-house trainers. All trainers have undergone Train-the Trainer programmes. With wealth of experiences, skills and knowledge, the Trainer will impart their skills to our technicians through coaching and On the Job Training.