Improved Safety & Reliability


Being Trouble-free is the best solution

Simply replacing deteriorated parts is not enough to eliminate the risk of failure or accidents. The replacement or repair of deteriorated parts does nothing more than partially or temporarily stop deterioration from age and usage.  On the other hand, through modernisation, older or antiquated microcomputer-controlled systems are replaced with the latest high-performance systems. This means that basic elevator performance is not only made safer, but also brought up to the latest standards. In addition, comfort and cost effectiveness will also be dramatically enhanced.

Prevent Tripping Due to Leveling Error

Prevent Accidents Caused by Closing Door

Multi-beam Sensor (Optional)

Infrared beams along the full opening height of the doors will create an invisible beam curtain. Interrupting any of the beams will cause the closing doors to stop and reopen. Through the use of multi-infrared beams, the sensor features high detectability of  moving persons or objects while the door is closing.


The Latest Inverter Control (VVVF) Enhances Ride Quality

The latest inverter control system ensures the best travelling performance, achieving a much smoother operation and a dramatically improved ride quality.

Noise Reduction in Machine Room

VVVF-controlled motors dedicated especially to elevator operation will minimise motor-generated noise. This large reduction means that the noise level in areas around the machine room is much lower when compared with that caused by conventional ACVV-controlled motors.


Optimal Control Shortens Operating Time

Optimal speed control will be performed in cases such as when traveling only one floor in order to shorten operating time.


The latest inverter control meticulously controls the traction motor to meet the speed changes at the time of acceleration and deceleration, thus lowering power consumption by a maximum of about 68 percent (comparison based on existing Fujitec models).

This will bring new life to your elevator as an ‘Eco-Elevator’, which will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


High performance on-board microcomputers are incorporated into the car operating board, the hall buttons on each floor and the control panel. These microcomputers efficiently analyse ever-changing operating conditions and immediately control the elevator. The adoption of pathways between linked microcomputers further enhances communication and self-diagnostic capability.

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Modernisation extends the lease of life of an elevator.

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