Extending Lease of Life


Elevator modernisation is the process of improving elevator performance by transforming an old elevator into one equipped with the latest technology.

The obsolete components of the existing elevator are replaced by new systems while some of the existing components, which can still be used for many years without causing any problem, are retained.

Generally, elevators that have been in service for 20 years or more develop reliability problems arising from the old technology being unable to meet the increasing demands. System breakdowns will increase and more repairs will be required despite the efforts put in by the maintenance crew. This is the time when it is generally recommended to consider modernising the elevator as a cost effective way to resolve the high maintenance and repair expenses due to system ageing. At the same time, it is timely to look into the improved performance of the elevator to serve the building better.

Improvement in Operation Performance

Breakdown Rate varies greatly from pre- and post modernisation. (Survey by Fujitec)

Rate of Breakdown

Elevator Life Cycle Management

An old elevator is inferior to the latest one in terms of safety, comfort, reliability and energy savings, as well as in design. In order to make in-building travel safer and more comfortable, as well as to enhance the value of a building or property, elevator modernisation is indispensable.

The average elevator replacement cycle is 20 to 25 years.

It is recommended for elevators which have passed 15 to 20 years of service since installation to be modernised to meet the standards or specifications of latest models.

Typical Service Life of an Elevator

Average Service Life of Main Components
20 Years
Planned Service Life
25 Years

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Advantages of Modernisation

Modernisation improves safety, reliability, and ride comfort of elevators.

Photo Gallery of Modernisation

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